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Our Process

The LadyBUGS aim to Build, Uplift, and Guide our sisters by stepping into the community and serving in different ways. This is accomplished by serving the local youth in four capacities:

1. Hosting Empowerment Sessions

2. LadyBUGS University Programs

3. S.P.O.T.S Socials

4. Virtual Mentoring

Each of method has a strategic focus on girls within the community ages 8 – 18 years old. Programs are held in local community centers and elementary, middle and high schools; with the assistance of a contact from each perspective location.

Each program promotes positive mental development and encourages the ladybug mentees to step outside their comfort zone through in-depth discussions and creative interactive activities on subjects that are prevalent in their in their daily lives.


Empowerment Sessions are the most regularly scheduled programs that a ladybug mentee can attend.

These programs are implemented weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the scheduled location. Empowerment Sessions consist of predetermined topics discussed in an open group forum, along with an activity complementing the reviewed material. The LadyBUGS mentors are always flexible in activity planning, based on the need and morale of the ladybug mentees. It is the goal of the organization that participation in the Empowerment Sessions will develop and grow each ladybug mentee personally, in areas that will reflect success at home, in their classroom environments, as well as their local communities. Currently our LadyBUGS mentors serve approximately 90 ladybug mentees throughout the Greensboro, NC communities.


The LadyBUGS University (LBU) initiative is designed with the futures of our ladybugs mentees in mind.

LBU programs aim to enhance the awareness of different career fields for the ladybug mentees and other young females in the local community. Through partnerships with academic departments on local university campuses and businesses, our organization provides interactive workshops that allow participants to explore and learn, while having fun. Our organization strives to break the barriers and stigmas involving the interest of minority females in industries where they are often inadequately represented. Our LBU initiative encourages our ladybug mentees to familiarize themselves with various industries and career paths through constructive mentorship, prior to entering college and determining an undergraduate major. Our LBU initiative also offers areas that promote scholastic achievement through regular tutoring services throughout the year. Annually, in support of the College Foundation of North Carolina’s College Application Week, our team works diligently in assisting our ladybug mentees at the high school Junior and Senior level with submitting their college applications. In the past year, with the partnership of a local high school, our LadyBUGS mentors have supported approximately 40 mentees.


The Six Principles Of Transcending Success (S.P.O.T.S) are dedicated to celebrating The LadyBUGS mentees outside of the Empowerment Sessions.

Each quarter, the organization hosts an interactive activity with invited guest outside of the organization to promote awareness of one of our S.P.O.T.S. The events double as fundraisers to support the organization’s endeavors while providing an opportunity to mingle and network with The LadyBUGS team in a fun and interactive environment.


The LadyBUGS Virtual Mentoring Program gives our ladybug mentees, both near and far, the opportunity to be empowered.

We mentor on a one-on-one basis and through the power of technology. With parent approved topics, ladybug mentees engage in mentoring sessions that allow them to have a direct relationship with their assigned mentor. The impact from this program allows a major support system to form between mentor and mentee, creating relationships that can last for a lifetime.

Virtual Mentoring Testimonial


My experience with The LadyBUGS mentoring program was great. I was a part of the virtual mentoring program. I enjoyed telling my mentor Collette about my day at school, dance class, goals, aspirations, my career path and my life in general. If there was a problem or situation I could always talk to my mentor. I viewed my mentor as my big sister and she gave great advice. She even came to see me off to prom! I recommend this program for anyone.

Mykiah Walters

Freshman, Animal Science Student at Bennett College


During my three years as a LadyBUGS mentor my last year was the most interesting and exciting. I was asked to be virtual mentor for the virtual mentoring program. Our sessions were held bi-weekly via video conference. Once we built a relationship we communicated via video conference and text messages. During our scheduled sessions we discussed topics such as academics, college prep and goals, hobbies, self-esteem and everyday life. What began as a mentor/ mentee relationship really blossomed into a big sister/little sister relationship.

Collette Mighty

Former mentor for The LadyBUGS

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