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The Ladies Behind LadyBUGS

For more than six years, The LadyBUGS has contributed to the community by offering empowerment, constructive mentorship, and the advocation of professional and personal development of young females in the Piedmont community.  Now as The LadyBUGS progresses and expands to being more than a mentoring organization, meet the ladies that have helped The LadyBUGS become a success.

The LadyBUGS were founded in 2011 by Tatiana Tinsley Dorsey, Chief Executive Officer, after she saw a need in the Greensboro/High Point, North Carolina community for empowering young females. In developing The LadyBUGS, she knew she wanted the program to have a sisterly impact on the girls involved. According to Dorsey,

“The initial creation of the organization had a major focus on program building. We wanted to provide weekly programs in the community that discussed relatable topics to girls within our targeted age ranges. The program consisted of a group icebreaker, a topic based discussion, interactive session and a wrap up discussion. The implementation of our programs allowed our mentees to open up on topics they were facing in their everyday lives and discuss it with a relatable role model”

After deciding on the basic foundation of the organization, Dorsey choose the company name from a variety of influences. She called her sister “ladybug” as a strong term of endearment. Considering the sisterly impact she wanted for the organization, the name “The LadyBUGS” proved to be a perfect fit. After extensive brainstorming, planning and preparations by Dorsey and the  12 “OG” mentors, as Dorsey calls them because she had an opportunity to personally mentor them herself, The LadyBUGS were born.

First LadyBUGS mentoring sessions

“It was only a handful of young ladies and a couple mentors that were at the first session, but we were all able to come together and really get to know each other in a comfortable and relaxed environment. I don’t remember exactly what we did, it was some time ago, but I know we were at the local community center right up the street from North Carolina A&T University’s campus. We tended to do a lot of ice breakers. Tatiana loved and swore by icebreakers, so we always had at least one whether it be a quick game or just everyone talking about their day. We also focused all of our activities and topics on subjects relevant to the girls, and their stage in development. Whether it be self-love or self-care, school, ambitions and goals, etc…”
Dia Tolson
2011-2014 LadyBUGS mentor

First LadyBUGS youth empowerment event

“With it being the first empowerment, we all put our blood, sweat and tears ensuring that everything ran smoothly. The end result was an amazing event that ladybugs mentees really enjoyed. Our rewards, was seeing the fruit of our labor, late nights and early mornings of planning, positively affect the girls,”
Monique Williams
2011-2014 LadyBUGS mentor
“Each LadyBUGS mentor gave a small speech to the girls answering the question ‘if you took anything away from this year I hope it was…’ Each mentor poured their heart out expressing how they hoped each girl was ultimately empowered to achieve anything they set their mind to, as well as were encouraged to overcome their raindrops. It ended up being the most heartfelt thing I think The LadyBUGS has ever done or experienced. With many tears, the girls didn’t want the year to end and neither did we as mentors.
T’Keyah Gray
Chief Operations Officer

What does the future hold for The LadyBUGS

“I’ve already noticed the tremendous growth for the organization and it’s truly only up from here. LadyBUGS mentors have worked tirelessly to make the organization the success that it is, and that truly shows”
Tayler Coltrane
2013-2015 LadyBUGS mentor
“Young women pouring into little girls is an integral part of society and I hope The LadyBUGS continues to break the cyclical stereotype of women”
Collette Mighty
2013-2015 LadyBUGS mentor

Dorsey is also very proud of The LadyBUGS progress and is excited for the future,

“With our small start, we hope that The LadyBUGS one day develops into an international organization that will continue to strive towards inspiring and empowering young females to overcome their raindrops, and then influence them to empower another female to do the same.”

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  • Quinesha schinnery
    May 1, 2017 4:54 pm

    What you ladies have created is transformative and amazing for the community! Mentorship is so important to helping our youth make better, more informed decisions and empowering them to be the best they can be! Nice work ladies!

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